Professor Yan Hairong Visited CIIDS for Dialogue and Exchange

On April 11th, Professor Yan Hairong from the Tsinghua Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences  was invited to speak at the "CIIDS Salon". She visited the CIIDS and had a dialogue with the CIIDS scholars on "Analysis of the Overseas Accumulation of Chinese Capital and the Discourse Mobilization in the American and the West".


Drawing on her nearly 20 years of field research experience in Africa, Professor Yan Hairong provided a detailed analysis of China's overseas investment activities.She  deconstructed the so-called "colonialism" and "neocolonialism" labels that has applied to Chinese overseas investments by western media. Additionally, she shared her insights on how to better help the world understand China and build a Chinese discourse system.


40 participants from CIIDS and partner institutions engaged in the dialogue.