Zheng Bijian meets with Singaporean Ambassador Peter Chan


Zheng Bijian, the Founding Chairman of the CIIDS, met with Peter Tan, the new Singaporean ambassador to China in Beijing on July 12, 2023.

Zheng Bijian welcomed Ambassador Tan to his new post in China. He fondly recalled his friendly relations with generations of Singaporean leaders including Lee Kuan Yew, and expressed his appreciation for the steady development of the China-Singapore relations. He also stressed the hope that the two countries will redouble their efforts to promote the continuous development of the all-round high-quality future-oriented partnership.

Ambassador Tan thanked Zheng Bijian for his important role in promoting the Singapore-China relations over the years and looked forward to strengthening cooperation with all sectors of Chinese society including think tanks, pushing the bilateral relations to a new level. He appreciated the efforts and achievements made by the CIIDS in its Understanding China undertaking, and expressed his willingness to actively encourage more Singaporean political, academic and business leaders to participate in this undertaking.

CIIDS Vice Chairman Mr. Feng Wei and Deputy Chief of Mission & Minister-Counsellor of Singapore Ms. Zhou Suli also attended the meeting.