“Understanding China” Documentary series:“An Exchange on China”to air on Discovery Channel

To help the international community understand China in the new era, China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy (CIIDS), in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery, has launched a documentary series titled “An Exchange on China”


Catering to different themes, the six-episode series is tailor-made to address the concerns and logic lines of the international community while observing China. Each episode features an inter-generational and cross-cultural dialogue between an older intellectual and a younger interlocutor, bringing out the topic at the very outset, followed by vivid, real life stories throughout to showcase how happenings in China could exact an impact on the wider world and how China’s new development could herald new opportunities for the world.


Directed by Ms. Huang Wei, who was behind the critically acclaimed “The Rise of the Great Powers”, the documentary is a joint effort between Warner Bros. Discovery, Time Doc., and IFA Media, involving both Chinese and foreign creators, in a bid to take stock of and contribute to the nation’s efforts in pioneering a new and uniquely Chinese path to modernization. Among these liberal, penetrating and sincere minds behind the scenes are Mr. Vikram Channa Narayan, Vice President of Global Content at Discovery Channel and General Editor for Greater China and Southeast Asia, serving as the co-director, and Mr. Hong Hai, founder of TimeDoc, serving as the executive producer.


Vikram Channa Narayan, Co-director of "An Exchange on China" documentary series.


Hong Hai, Executive Producer of "An Exchange on China" documentary series.

The “Understanding China” documentary series: “An Exchange on China”, more than four years in the making, is set to premiere on Discovery Channel as of November 19, 2023, in hopes of providing an all round presentation of China in the new era and the Communist Party of China in the past, present and future. Illustrated from different perspectives and with a whole range of real stories, the series is bound to deepen the world’s understanding of the fundamental question of “What makes China China?”. Stay tuned!


Broadcast Schedule for “An Exchange on China”