Exhibition of contemporary science and technology innovations


The exhibition of contemporary science and technology innovations is a public interest exhibition sponsored by the CIIDS and co-organized by the Shanghai Institute for Reform, Innovation & Development Strategy, providing a new display platform and athletic arena for domestic and foreign products, technologies and ideas of scientific and technological innovation.

Sticking to its public interest nature, the exhibition is intended to provide a showcase for innovative scientific enterprises in the long term from a global perspective backed by the Made in China 2025 plan. The exhibition does not stress the sizes of businesses. Instead, it focuses on New Technologies, New Products and New Ideas, which will be displayed in an attractive way to the Chinese enterprises, education organizations, research institutions and the general public to broaden their horizons and inspire their innovative awareness, in an effort to encourage “mass entrepreneurship and innovation."

The first demonstration hall for this exhibition is located in Hongqiao, Shanghai, which will take the latest exhibition approach on the basis of a modern philosophy to show people the world's cutting-edge hi-tech and innovative products, primarily those in the industrial and manufacturing sector. In this way, the exhibition aims at inclusiveness for diversity, being a pioneer to lead the wave of innovation, so that more people can experience what Industry 4.0 really means and catch a vision of innovation for the benefit of mankind.