“Understanding China” Book Series


I. About the Series

The Understanding China series is jointly planned and compiled by China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy (CIIDS) and China Foreign Language Publishing Administration (China International Publishing Group). Studies were held on specific topics, and renowned experts and scholars from China and overseas contributed to the series. Focusing on “Understanding China”, the series highlights Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era, elaborates on the great governance practices by the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping at its core since the 18th National Congress of the Party, and interprets China from multiple dimensions in the midst of major historic changes and great rejuvenation, for the purpose of answering the fundamental questions of “Where are we from? Where are we going?” The series aims to tell the stories of China’s development, reveal its secrets, and share China’s wisdom and experience.The series will be published in batches with English and Chinese editions. The first batch of 22 books will be published in the near future.

II. Background of Publication of the Series

The Understanding China book series takes to heart the important instructions Xi Jinping made when he met with the international guests at the second “Understanding China” Conference in 2015. Following the orders from the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China to further promote the results of the conference, CIIDS and CIPG jointly compiled the series, inviting renowned domestic and overseas scholars and organizing studies on specific themes. 

III. Characteristics of the Series

1. Global and strategic height of approachesThe Understanding China series expounds on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era and the path taken by China since the reform and opening up over the past 40 years, especially the important decisions the CPC Central Committee has made, major advances it has achieved and new trends and challenges it faces in leading the Party, the country and army since the 18th National Congress of the Party. Some of the issues are of great concern to both domestic and international observers, for instance, Will China seek hegemony as it becomes strong? What kind of a party is the Communist Party of China? What is China’s governance power and system? What are China’s policies to empower, benefit and enrich the farmers? China’s rule of law? Green development? Religion? Technological development? Cultural confidence? Measures to fight poverty? The books aim to interpret a China in the midst of profound historical changes and great rejuvenation from multiple perspectives and in a panoramic way.

2. Contributions from leading experts and scholars on various subjectsThe book series were written by the most renowned Chinese experts in various fields, including: Zheng Bijian, who proposed the theory of “peaceful rise of China”; Chen Jin, an expert on historical documents of the CPC and on contemporary theories; Li Junru, an expert on CPC history and scientific socialist theory; He Yiting, a CPC theorist; Li Zhongjie, an expert on CPC theories and social development stategies; famous economist Wu Jinglian; Zhu Min, an expert on China’s financial issues; Chen Xiwen, a top Chinese expert on agriculture and rural area; Bai Chunli, president of Chinese Academy of Science; Zhou Dadi, an expert on energy economy, energy policies and energy systems; Pony Ma, founder Tencent; Yu Keping, a famous scholar of political science; Zhuo Zeyuan, an expert on legal theories; Che Jun, party secretary of Zhejiang Province; Wang Meng, writer and scholar; Ye Xiaowen, an expert on religion in China; Xie Zhenhua and Pan Jiahua, experts on sustainable development; Hu Fuguo, who spearheaded China’s poverty alleviation project for 16 years; Hao Yeli and Lü Benfu, experts on internet economy and knowledge management; and Liang Heng, writer and expert on journalism theories. Each author has made outstanding achievements in their respective field, and the book series reflect the results of their studies and practice.

3. Popular readings about theoretical themes, targeting ordinary readers, especially foreign readersFrank and sincere, the series tells the China story, the story of CPC, the story of China’s development and its secrets, and China’s interaction with the world in a fact-based and vivid way. It shares China’s wisdom and the solution, providing new knowledge to people who care about China, and casting away the doubts and confusion of those who are skeptical about China.The series combines theory and case studies, narratives and discussions. It is unpretentious and vivid, in-depth yet easy to read.